The Adventurer In You



Individuals will have an opportunity to discover themselves. Personal growth occurs by stretching one’s comfort zone through exciting and challenging activities. While being fun, these programs help facilitate self-awareness and confidences.
Alpine Tower – A 50′ elevation offers a spectacular view of camp, but that is only half the fun. Climbing the tower individually or as a team is the other half!
Tree Climb – Get a bird’s Eye view of our woods by climbing our oak tree. The destination is a platform 35′ off the ground, which offers an exhilarating view.
Archery – There is more to archery than hitting the bull’s-eye. Learn how pioneers and early settlers used a bow and arrow to survive while mastering the art of shooting.
Canoeing – Navigate Lake Crum in a canoe while exploring the surroundings. Learn how to propel and maneuver a canoe in one stroke!
Challenge Education – This is a fun way to learn about yourself and others while doing activities that challenge you physically and mentally.
Fishing – Come on down to Lake Crum and catch the big one. We have plenty of bass, bluegill, and catfish.
Orienteering – Learn how to read a map and navigate to a location on camp. You will definitely be off the beaten path on this course.
Pontoon Boating – Take a relaxing ride on our pontoon boat around Lake Crum. Enjoy the sun and listen to the sounds of nature.


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