The Time traveler in You

Individuals will have an opportunity to travel through time and discover American history through experiential learning. In the pioneering experience, individuals will have an opportunity to learn skills on how to learn skills on how to live and survive off of the environment as it was back in the early 18th century. The prairie experience provides an opportunity to work the land as an early settler in the early 19th century.


The Pioneer Experience


Animal Tracks – Animals leave behind signs, which tell a tale. Learn how to read those signs to find resources to live such as food, water, and shelter.
Cooking by Fire – Nature’s kitchen is a fun place to cook. Learn how to cook by fire, whether you’re using direct or indirect heat.
Shelter Building – Using natural resources learn how to build shelters to protect against the environment. This is a great program to make forts fun.
Panning for Gold – Visit our stream and pan for gold. Learn how gold rushers helped to shape the United States. Did the gold rush just impact the country on an economic level? If not, what was the impact to the country’s infrastructure?
Wilderness Survival – There is more to survival than food, water, and shelter. Learn basic techniques such as communication and fire building.
Pioneer Presentation – Sit back and enjoy a campfire with a real-life mountain man. Have you ever wanted to ask questions like “how do you use a musket?” Or “what kind of pelt makes the best clothing?” Well, here’s your opportunity.

The Prairie Experience

Blacksmithing – Learn about the blacksmiths and the importance they played in American history. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to work steel into a “S” hook or other tool.
Cooking by Cast-Iron – Prepare gourmet meals and desserts using cast-iron cookware over a fire.
Living off the Land – The land provides us with many resources if you know where to look and what to do. Plants are not only edible but can be medicinal.
Weaving – Learn how textiles impacted life on the prairie. You will have an opportunity to turn wool into yarn and yarn into cloth.
Early Settler Presentation
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