The ______ Ologyst In You


Individuals will have opportunities to discover the exciting world of science. Recreation Unlimited is home to a rich and diverse spectrum of surroundings, which enhances the environmental experience. Our four major ecosystems include: an Ohio prairie, the woodlands habitat, the stream environment, and a spectacular view of our solar system and beyond. Recreation Unlimited has trained facilitators in the nationally renowned programs Project Learning Tree, Project Wild, and Project Wet.
Astronomy – The science of celestial bodies.
Dendrology – Study of trees. Become a dendrologist and take a walk through our unique forest. Learn how to identify trees as well as the role that trees play within the ecosystem. What do trees need in order to thrive? how do trees help organisms to thrive?
Ecology – Study of the relationship between organisms and the environment. Become an ecologist and explore Recreation Unlimited’s habitat. Help determine how healthy our stream is by examining the types and quantities of organisms in and around the stream. Don’t forget to bring a good pair of creekin’ boots, because you’re sure to get wet.  
Entomology – Study of insects. Become an entomologist and delve into the world of insects including butterflies and moths. Learn how insects impact the ecosystem. How do butterflies affect habitat differently than ants? Which insects are found solely in one of our three ecosystems vs. all three?
Ornithology – Study of birds. Become an ornithologist and discover the joys of bird watching. Learn how to identify several species by sight and sound. How have birds adapted for survival?
Zoology – Study of animals. Become a zoologist and learn about animals. Learn about adaptations, camouflage, life cycles and predation. 
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