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Team Building/Challenge

Successful and progressive organizations are utilizing these programs to encourage team building.  This effort fosters internal communications, trust, cooperation and ensures all participants have their sights set on the same common goals.  All elements are done in a physical and emotionally safe environment with a trained facilitator.  Minimum of twelve participants per activity.

Low Elements:

Ground Initiatives are preliminary exercises that will prepare a group for the more difficult challenges on The Camp Course and The Teams Course.  Skills such as trust, communication, problem solving and cooperation will begin to develop during these initiatives.

The Camp Course is a universally designed challenge course that will require a group to build upon the previously established skills.  Your group may participate in the following elements on The Camp Course:
all aboard
balance platform
burma bridge
mohawk across
parallel beams
tire pull (shown top)
webbing traverse

The Teams Course offers a higher level of challenge than The Camp Course while addressing the same goals.  Your group may participate in the following elements on The Teams Course:

8 foot wall
blind maze
large all aboard
mohawk traverse
raging river (shown above)
small all aboard
spider web
squeeze box
trust fall
yogurt beam

A low elements challenge education session may last from four to six hours and include ground elements from both The Camp Course and The Teams Course.

High Elements

The Alpine Tower (shown right) is a 50 ft. climbing structure that offers many levels of personal challenge as well as team building exercises.  Participants are encouraged to relate their tower experience to aspects pertinent in their daily lives.  Such aspects may include goal setting, problem solving, accepting success and reassessing goals.

The Swing Release may be used in conjunction with the Alpine Tower climb or as a separate program.  Peers haul the participant up to the height of his/her choice, as high as 35 feet!  Then comes the exhilaration as the participant swings through the air like a giant pendulum.

A high elements challenge education session can be developed to accommodate the needs of a large or small group in a time range up to six hours.

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